viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

The timeline of an e-connected story

I think by now, all of you must already have read the posts about how @javiramossancha and his Primary CLIL students at Colegio San Gregorio have e-connected with my students, Primary CLIL teachers, at URJC.

Well, today we have a new episode, or rather, the episode that rounds it all up thanks to Javier's great post:

WRITING STORIES an e-connection with students of #ictclil_URJC

There you will be able to follow the full timeline of this e-connected story that has helped an eproject crafted by future CLIL teachers in Madrid become a real classroom project, tested by real CLIL Primary students in Palencia.

Thanks ever so much to Javier for his wonderful availability, to his students and their awesome storybooks, and to Emily, Pablo and Nuria for their sweet CLIL proposals to foster reading and writing skills while using ICT.

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