lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Los libros enriquecidos de Billy Joel Ramos

Billy Joel Ramos, futuro Profesor CLIL de Primaria y ya ejerciendo como tal en el proyecto Book ME-Library de la URJC, nos presenta una colección de cuentos en inglés para jóvenes lectores de Primer Ciclo de Primaria, que ha diseñado a lo largo del Módulo "TIC y Recursos Web en la Enseñanza Primaria Bilingüe" del Máster que está a punto de terminar, y que además ha llevado al aula en el Colegio Villaeuropa de Madrid, donde ha enseñado a sus propios alumnos a enriquecerlos con sus voces.

Como no podía ser de otro modo, Billy nos los presenta en formato QR, así que prepárate para escanear y descubrir qué esconde cada código.

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viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

The timeline of an e-connected story

I think by now, all of you must already have read the posts about how @javiramossancha and his Primary CLIL students at Colegio San Gregorio have e-connected with my students, Primary CLIL teachers, at URJC.

Well, today we have a new episode, or rather, the episode that rounds it all up thanks to Javier's great post:

WRITING STORIES an e-connection with students of #ictclil_URJC

There you will be able to follow the full timeline of this e-connected story that has helped an eproject crafted by future CLIL teachers in Madrid become a real classroom project, tested by real CLIL Primary students in Palencia.

Thanks ever so much to Javier for his wonderful availability, to his students and their awesome storybooks, and to Emily, Pablo and Nuria for their sweet CLIL proposals to foster reading and writing skills while using ICT.

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jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

The Hare and The Tortoise, Revisited

As part of their URJC Master's Degree for Primary Bilingual Education, a team of future CLIL teachers have been designing various CLIL activities to foster digital listening, reading and writing skills among CLIL Primary students within a so called  Heal The World With Stories project.

Their latest outcome is a two-stage assignment based on the traditional children's story 'The Hare and The Tortoise'.
Along the first stage, they explain the three different sections all stories have, and propose kids to mindmap their own story. As an example they have designed a mindmap of 'The Hare and The Tortoise'.

Once done, here comes the next stage: podcasting a new story following the mindmap the kids have designed. And again, they are providing the learners with a recording example. 

What story do you think you are going to hear? Of course, 'The Hare and The Tortoise'

The Heal The World with Stories members are @laugar91, @Maria91bm and @alcalop14. They will all love to hear from you if you ever use their activities in your lessons

Cross-posted from Heal The World With Stories.

jueves, 1 de mayo de 2014

Aprender a utilizar la Biblioteca. Infografía

... "Hay dos tipos de clasificaciones: biblioteca. Dewey Decimal o Library of Congress En sta infografía se reflejan las dos para poder encontrar exactamente lo que estés buscando".

Learn to Use the Library
by newhousemaps.
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